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a boxelder bug climbing up a blooming tree

Are Box Elder Bugs In Lake Orion, MI Dangerous?


Some pests threaten health, while others cause damage to properties. Most pests are a huge annoyance. As we head into fall here in Lake Orion, one pest that will be trying to sneak its way into area homes will be the box elder bug. These intimidating-looking insects look like they could be dangerous, destructive, and annoying.... Read More

bald faced hornet

Lake Orion's Bald-Faced Hornet Control Guide


Bald-faced hornets are a common sight in Lake Orion, but that doesn’t mean they’re a welcome one. Here’s what you need to know about the behavior of bald-faced hornets, what to do if you discover a nest on your property, and how you can prevent them from coming back.... Read More

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