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Spring is a very active time of year as pests begin moving and foraging ramps up. (Carpenter ants, Odorous House ants, Carpenter bees, spiders, earwigs, and many beetle species).

Summer not only continues with those perimeter pests from the spring, but now we will begin dealing with many stinging insects as well. (Bald-faced hornets, Paper wasps, and Yellow Jackets.)

Fall brings in many insects referred to as overwintering pests. These insects attempt to enter the home through entry points around the exterior to escape the coming cooler temperatures in hopes of emerging the following spring. (Ladybeetles, Stink Bugs, Box-elder bugs and several of the early season pests).

We take care of: Carpenter Ants, Spiders, Stinging insects, Mice/Rodents, and other pest species.

Pest control services 


Pests can happen even in the best of homes or businesses.  That’s why it’s wise to contact a professional that knows how to identify your problem and recommend the correct solution.  We’ve been certified through the Entomological Society of America which means we have the training and on-the-job experience to get the job done right.

At Wells Pest Control, we can resolve existing problems and recommend preventive actions that will eliminate a problem before it happens.  The earlier you address a problem, the quicker it can be eradicated.



Residential Pest Control

Interior & Exterior treatments

Residential applications need to be tailored to your individual requirements, especially when children and pets are present.

Interior service includes baits, void and/or crack and crevice applications. Also rodent control measures as necessary.

Exterior treatments consist of foundation/soils treatment with additional attention to windows and doors, eaves, garages and deck/patios where applicable.

Commercial Pest Control

Interior & Exterior Treatments

Commercial applications can create special problems due to the scope, size, and number of employees that may be working at your location. 

This is especially true in the food service industry where sanitary conditions must be maintained while controlling your problem.  We have the training and experience to recognize and address these issues.

Annual service includes monthly services with inspection and monitoring for insects and rodents with insecticides and rodenticides applied as appropriate.


Pest control in your area


Wells Pest Control services Rochester, Rochester Hills, Lake Orion, Clarkston and most of northern Oakland County, Shelby, Macomb and Lapeer county.