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Founded in 1844, the community of Allenton, MI is beautifully located right along the Belle River. With a population of just over 3,000, we offer a true sense of small countryside charm. Life in Allenton is a real pleasure, except when pests enter the picture, of course. Pest activity poses a year-round threat for local property owners, exposing homes and businesses to the detriments and dangers of infestation. If you want to protect your Allenton property from pests effectively, you’ve come to the right place.

Wells Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control company that has been servicing homes and businesses throughout St. Clair County and the surrounding areas since 2017. We deal with all kinds of common area pests, such as bats, rodents, ants, stinging insects, spiders, over-wintering pests, occasional invaders, flies, cockroaches, and bed bugs. Contact us today to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs. 

Home Pest Control In Allenton, MI

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Here at Wells Pest Control, we’ve protected over 350 homes from the dangers of household pest infestation. Our goal is to keep your house and your loved ones safe, and we do this by coming up with the best plan of action to suit your needs. Our residential pest control process includes:


  • Consult with the homeowner, gather info on what they’ve been experiencing

  • Inspection of basement, kitchens, bathrooms, signs of activity, proof of life, and present damage

  • Determine which pest control methods to use


  • Control measures (exclusions, moisture reduction, spot treatment application)

  • Exterior de-webbing and exterior treatment of perimeter foundation (using residual insecticide)

  • Application to eaves, soffit vents, around windows and doors, and other entry points

After we’re done treating the property, we return monthly for follow-up services to keep your property pest-free continuingly. If you’re looking for excellent client relations and quality service, call us today. We’re proud to be your local pest control specialists, so reach out today to get your free estimate and inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Allenton, MI

Our commercial pest control services have protected dozens of businesses in the area. We’ve serviced over 50 facilities, including properties such as restaurants, bars, office buildings, warehouses, condo associations, factories, schools, and daycares. Our commercial pest control process entails the following:


  • Walkthrough of the facility and consulting with the customer

  • Visual inspection of kitchens, break rooms, bathrooms, entryways, overhead doors

  • Determining signs of pest activity, proof of life, and present damage


  • Rodent bait stations and insect monitors

  • Spot treatments and exclusion work as needed

  • Exterior de-webbing and rodent stations

  • Exterior foundation application as needed (three feet up and out)

Our team has extensive knowledge of local pest biology and which products to use. We’re also familiar with label restrictions and effective pest control techniques that business owners can count on in the long term. With 18 years of combined experience, you can trust our technicians to solve your pest problems, guaranteed. Call us to set up your free inspection as soon as possible.

Four Simple Ways To Keep Hornets & Wasps Away From Your Allenton Property

Getting stung by a hornet or wasp is unpleasant and painful, to say the least. It’s an occurrence we all want to avoid at all costs, and the best way to do that is to be proactive. To protect yourself from hornets and wasps, it’s crucial to take preventative measures.

Here are four simple ways to keep hornets and wasps away from your Allenton property:

1. Maintain your garden and keep trees and shrubs trimmed and well-maintained.

2. Promptly dispose of trash and clean spills right when they happen.

3. Reduce access to food and never leave food (human and pet) outside.

4. Store garbage in tightly sealed cans and cover any compost piles.

While these are all helpful tips, none of them guarantee results as effective as ongoing services from pest professionals. The team at Wells Pest Control is familiar with local stinging insect populations, and we’re prepared to deal with and eliminate them from your property entirely. Reach out to us to learn more. 

Top Five Places Bats Hide In Allenton Homes

Bats seek out a room in your spacious home, looking for a warm place to hibernate for the winter. When temperatures drop, homeowners face an increased chance of experiencing a bat infestation, and it’s important to know where these wildlife pests like to roam.

Here are the top five places where bats hide in Allenton homes:

1. Chimneys

2. Attics/crawlspaces

3. Wall voids

4. Basements

5. Eaves

When bats make a home for themselves, it’s called their “roost”. They’re often found inhabiting dark, remote areas where they can peacefully give birth to their young. There are a lot of dangers that come with the presence of bats, and the best way to protect your home and your loved ones from bat infestation is to call in your local pest experts. Contact Wells Pest Control to get started with our reliable bat control service.


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