Lake Orion's Bald-Faced Hornet Control Guide


Lake Orion's Bald-Faced Hornet Control Guide


While you might be familiar with wasps or yellow jackets, have you heard of the bald-faced hornet? Despite their name, bald-faced hornets aren’t closely related to hornets – they’re actually a type of yellow jacket. However, bald-faced hornets have black bodies, white markings on their face, and are bigger than most yellow jackets.

Bald-faced hornets are a common pest in Lake Orion, but that doesn’t mean they’re a welcome one. Here’s what you need to know about the behavior of bald-faced hornets, what to do if you discover a nest on your property, and how you can prevent them from coming back with effective pest control in Lake Orion.

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Are Bald-Faced Hornets Dangerous In Lake Orion, MI?

Like wasps or yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets do pose serious dangers if you discover them on your property. These pests have a large, smooth stinger that allows them to sting their prey as many times as they want to. In general, bald-faced hornets also tend to be aggressive and defensive of their nests, so they won’t hesitate to attack if they feel threatened.

These hornets also “zone in” on their prey, meaning that they tend to attack and sting in large numbers – which only increases the likelihood of a serious allergic reaction or painful swelling if you stumble upon them.

The Most Effective Way To Handle A Bald-Faced Hornet Nest In Lake Orion, MI

As dangerous as they are, it’s incredibly dangerous for homeowners to try and deal with a bald-faced hornet nest on their own. If the nest isn’t removed correctly, you could have hundreds of bald-faced hornets ready to sting you – which is why it’s always a good idea to leave the nest removal up to the professionals.

At Wells Pest Control, we’ve got the gear and the experience to identify a bald-faced hornet nest and safely remove it from your property. Whether you know you have a bald-faced hornet nest or you just think you do, you shouldn’t wait to call – contact us at Wells Pest Control today to learn more about stinging insect control around Lake Orion.

How To Prevent Bald-Faced Hornets And Other Stinging Insects In Lake Orion, MI

While spotting the occasional bald-faced hornet on your property might be normal, certain things can attract stinging insects to make your home into theirs. Here are a few tips to prevent bald-faced hornets or other stinging insects on your Lake Orion property:

  • Remove areas of standing water around your property, like birdbaths, puddles, or other spots that contain excess moisture.
  • Don’t leave holes unfilled around your property.
  • Regularly prune your shrubs and foliage to prevent giving stinging insects a spot to build their nests.
  • Try to build a barrier between your home and flowers or plant flower beds a significant distance away from your home.
  • Cut back tree branches that may hang around or near your home.
  • Seal potential entry points for stinging insects, like tears in window screens, tiny cracks, and gaps around doors and windows.
  • Don’t leave food scraps or sugary sweets lying around your property.
  • Put a cap on your chimney, and don’t leave holes in your roofline unrepaired.

These tips can work well to prevent attracting stinging insects, but if you’ve already got a nest in your yard or even in your home, you’ll want to call us at Wells Pest Control for safe removal.

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