How To Prevent A Mouse Infestation In Lake Orion


How To Prevent A Mouse Infestation In Lake Orion


If you own property in Lake Orion, the last thing you want is a pest problem, especially a mouse infestation. House mice have the awful habit of inviting themselves into our homes. Thankfully, there's a lot that the vigilant property owner can discover to prevent these ill-mannered mammals from invading. Here we've compiled some essential information on the pests, the factors that most attract them, and how exactly they get inside homes.

Continue reading to learn the effective ways to keep mice away, as well as why Wells Pest Control is who to call if your pest crisis demands professional rodent control help.

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What To Look Out For

Mice are nocturnal foragers, equipped to scrounge around for any bit of food or shelter while remaining elusive. All rodents also need to gnaw on hard materials to file down their constantly-growing front incisors. Often, this natural necessity means untold property damage for you. Not only do rodents damage your property, but they also steal your food and spread disease. Salmonella, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever are among the many illnesses mice can transmit. Each of these diseases causes a bundle of harsh symptoms, such as fatigue, fever, stomach cramps, and headaches. 

It's crucial to recognize indications of rodents to prevent them from taking root in your home. The quicker you realize you have an infestation, the easier the potential problem is to handle. Here are the signs of mice in Michigan to watch out for:

  • Gnaw marks on furniture, cupboards, cabinets, etc.
  • Droppings or shed hair.
  • Rustling in the walls or kitchen during the night.
  • Foul odor like ammonia or stale urine.
  • Damaged goods or bite marks on packaged goods.
  • Grease marks on walls—house mice leave these behind when brushing against walls to avoid open areas.

Noticing any of these signs should ring some alarm bells. If you spot these, as well as an actual mouse, you may have unwanted guests on your property.

Common Points Of Entry

Mice in Lake Orion are quite acrobatic; they're excellent climbers, jumpers, and swimmers. Moreover, they can squeeze through small openings as wide as a quarter. The most common means by which a rodent enters a home or business is through gaps in the building's exterior, which they sometimes gnaw open themselves. It's important to know what these entry points look like and how to seal them up. Here are ways to keep mice away:

  • Search for holes near windows, doors, the foundation, and on the roof and rafters.
  • Inside your home, look for entry points in closets, around corners, under and behind furniture and kitchen appliances.
  • Check inside cabinets and near any openings for plumbing and electrical wiring.
  • Fill the smaller openings with steel wool, ideally using caulk to secure the barrier.
  • Fill the larger openings with cement or cover them with metal sheeting.
  • For doorways and windows, install sweeps and screens.

These steps work to prevent mice from getting onto your property. However, you'll need help from experts to get rid of mice fast in your home.

One More Thing

Everything mentioned above will be the necessary first steps for a clean and secure home or business. However, the best form of rodent protection comes with professional assistance. If you're seeing signs of mice, or want to ensure you never do, reach out to Wells Pest Control for a reliable service. 

Be it for your home or place of business, you'll want the best protection available. Our treatments are efficient and will get rid of mice fast. Moreover, our specialists will create a prevention plan for your property, ensuring security against future infestation. Call or visit our contact page to schedule a home pest control inspection today.

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