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If you live in Capac, MI and you've been thinking about getting St. Clair County pest control, what should be on your radar? All pest control companies are not the same. While we can't speak for other pest control providers, we can tell how we address pest problems and explain why this approach will give you amazing results. If you have an urgent pest control issue, jump over to our contact page for prompt assistance. With that said, let's take a look at what pest control methods work together to provide the best protection from Capac pests.

Home Pest Control In Capac, MI

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There are many potential pests that may enter your yard every day. The secret to keeping them out is understanding why they get inside.

  • If you have lots of potential pests, you're going to have lots of trouble with pests. That makes sense, right? We use a variety of control methods to reduce pest populations. Many of them are smart and all-natural such as de-webbing. When spider webs are removed, egg sacs are removed with them. One egg sac can have as many as 300 spider eggs in it.

  • If pests find an entry point in your exterior, they can get inside. We perform exclusion work where needed. Doing this creates physical barriers that have a long-lasting impact.

  • Some pests are really small so it is difficult to completely exclude them. We apply liquid treatments three feet up and three feet out around your foundation. These treatments are not long-lasting, so we recommend getting year-round pest control to keep this barrier in place.

  • Some pests are persistent. We don't want any pest to find its way into your home and decide to stay. On your first visit, we perform a visual inspection of your kitchen, basement, and bathrooms, apply exclusions, reduce moisture, and spot treatment where needed. Doing this not only arrests current pest activity but provides your home with one more layer of pest protection.

Do you see how it works? As you consider St. Clair County pest control, keep these points in mind. Residential pest control is a science that includes inspections, evaluations, mechanical pest maintenance, targeted and appropriate treatments, pest reduction around your exterior, and web removal.

All of these methods work together to provide the layers of protection you need in order to maintain a pest-free home. Make sure your pest control provider offers this level of protection, or reach out to us here at Wells Pest Control for residential pest control services in Capac.

Commercial Pest Control In Capac, MI

All of the services described above are the same services we provide our commercial pest control customers. There is no better way to keep pests out of commercial environments. If you have rodent pressures, you can be confident that the rodent stations we use will cull rodent populations and help with the ongoing monitoring of rodent activity.

If you're concerned about insects, the traps we deploy and the spot treatments we administer will stop insects and provide your pest control specialist with essential data about pest activity and pest routes. If a pest is reproducing near your exterior, it will be targeted and addressed before it can get inside and create problems. Don't settle for anything less than this level of pest control for your Capac business. Connect with us for a consultation about our commercial pest control services in Capac.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Capac Residents

It is a miserable experience to have a bed bug infestation. While we offer effective bed bug treatments, we would prefer that you never get bed bugs. Here are our best tips for preventing bed bug infestations:

  • Be on the lookout for bed bugs while away from home. Learn what bed bugs look like in all stages of development.

  • Consider doing a bed bug inspection when you stay away from home, even if it is in a five-star hotel or the home of a friend or family member.

  • Store laundry in a sealed plastic bag to keep bed bugs out.

  • Consider putting luggage and bags in a sealed plastic bag, or apply a lavender spray to your luggage each night before bedtime.

  • When you return from a trip, put all your laundry through a hot wash and a dryer cycle.

Taking these steps can stop bed bugs from coming home with you. If you ever find bed bugs in your home, contact Wells Pest Control for bed bug control in Capac

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Capac Home

Rodents are a threat to health and property, and they're also incredibly difficult to control. A pest control specialist uses specialized knowledge, trusted products, field-tested methods, and rodent control experience to outsmart these animals and get complete control of rodent infestations.

At Wells Pest Control, we give you even more reasons to contact us. We don't just remove rodents, we sanitize areas of contamination, and we apply exclusions that stay in place long after your service is done. These exclusions are performed as high as needed, such as installing hardware cloth to protect louvers. Reach out to us today for rodent control services in Capac if you're dealing with a rodent problem. This is rodent control you can count on.


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