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Located just 35 miles north of Detroit, the town of Lakeville, MI is a great place to live. With Lakeville Lake right in town, we have many attractions and activities that draw visitors all year long. Some of these visitors, however, aren’t so welcome. Pests are an ongoing threat for Lakeville property owners, exposing homes and businesses to the dangers of infestation. The best way to protect yourself from infestation is to get help from the pest professionals. That’s where we come in.

Wells Pest Control is a locally owned and operated company that has been providing complete residential and commercial pest solutions to properties throughout Oakland County and the surrounding areas since 2017. We’re proud to bring our customers the very best in residential and commercial pest protection, and we work hard to make the entire process as seamless and positive as possible. Call us today to get started.

Home Pest Control In Lakeville, MI

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Our home pest control solutions give Lakeville homeowners thorough protection from household infestation. We’ve serviced over 350 homes in the area, working with customers to develop the right treatment plan for their home, their family, and their pest problem.

Some of the common local intruders we deal with include bats, rodents, ants, stinging insects, spiders, overwintering pests, occasional invaders, flies, cockroaches, and bed bugs. We offer a range of treatments and services, some of which include:

  • Control measures such as exclusions, moisture reduction, spot treatment application.
  • Exterior perimeter foundation treatment (using residual insecticide), and de-webbing.
  • Preventative applications to eaves, soffit vents, and around windows and doors.

Our team of expert pest control specialists is extensively experienced in the latest pest control techniques, bringing thorough knowledge of pest biology, products, and label restrictions to every job we do. We are also skilled at providing quality pest protection, and superb client relations. Whatever your household pest pressure, give us a call today and we’ll come up with the right approach to exterminate the problem.

Commercial Pest Control In Lakeville, MI

Here at Wells Pest Control, we service 50 local businesses with comprehensive commercial pest control solutions. We protect a variety of facilities and property types, including restaurants, bars, office buildings, warehouses, condo associations, factories, schools, and daycares. We start with a walk-through of your facility, and consult with you on the problems you’ve been experiencing. After that, we’ll do a full visual inspection of problem areas, conducive conditions, and entry points.

We offer a broad range of treatments, some of which include rodent bait stations, insect monitors, spot treatments, exclusion work, rodent stations, de-webbing, and many others. No matter what kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, we can help you. We pride ourselves on cultivating positive client relations, bringing you year-round pest protection you can depend on. Reach out to us today to get your free estimate. We’ll schedule your complimentary inspection right away.

What Is The Best Rodent Control Method In Lakeville?

Rodents are unsanitary pests that carry around pathogens and bacteria, meaning they expose us to serious contamination when they get into our homes and businesses. They can also cause severe property damage, endangering you and everyone on the property. Here are a few preventative measures that you can take in order to minimize your exposure to rodents:

  • Block off entry points by sealing up cracks and crevices found throughout the structure.
  • Eliminate access to food sources by properly storing food in gnaw-proof containers.
  • Maintain proper cleanliness around your space by promptly wiping up spills and crumbs.
  • Reduce sources of excess moisture by fixing leaky plumbing, and using vent fans/dehumidifiers.

At the end of the day, the best source for dependable rodent control and prevention services is a team of qualified pest professionals. Reach out to Wells Pest Control today to secure year-round protection from rodents. We promise to guard your Lakeville property from rodent infestation, giving you ongoing coverage you can feel good about.

How To Prevent Stinging Insects From Invading Your Lakeville Yard

Stinging insects are arthropods that carry venom. When they hunt for food, or they feel threatened, these pests sting their victims, causing potentially fatal reactions. If you want to be proactive in your efforts to minimize the presence of stinging insects on your Lakeville yard, there are some things you can try.

In order to deter stinging insects from building nests on your property, you should start by covering up any holes in the ground with grass or cement. Use caulk to seal cracks and crevices around the porch and eaves, and keep an eye out for nesting in the shed, garage, and wall cavities. When possible, keep windows and doors shut, and consider using repellent plants like wormwood, marigold, mint, basil, and geranium.

The most effective form of stinging insect control is to reach out to the experts. Here at Wells Pest Control, we provide extensive stinging insect detection, removal, and prevention services to keep you protected all year long. Call us today to get started, we look forward to helping you.


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