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The village of Oxford, MI, is a beautiful place to live. With Oxford Lake to enjoy, our northern Detroit suburb offers natural beauty and lakefront charm. However, it’s also a place where pests come to settle down, meaning our properties are vulnerable to the nightmare of pest infestation. There are a variety of dangers that can result from infestation, and that’s why securing the proper pest protection is crucial. The team at Wells Pest Control is ready to guard your Oxford property from pests, guaranteed.

Since 2017, our local, family-owned and -operated company has been providing quality pest control solutions to homes and businesses throughout Oakland County and the surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge of the latest pest control techniques, pest biology, and pest products. We pride ourselves on cultivating positive client relations, bringing you year-round pest protection you can depend on. Reach out to us to get your free estimate and inspection.

Home Pest Control In Oxford, MI

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Your Oxford home is filled with pest attractants, putting you and your family at risk for experiencing household pest infestation. That’s a serious threat, and it’s in your best interest to seek protection from the pros.

Our residential pest control services include the following:


  • Consult with homeowner, gathering info on what they’ve been experiencing.
  • Conduct visual inspection of basement, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Identify signs of activity, proof of life, and present damage.
  • Determine which control methods to use.


  • Use of control measures (exclusions, moisture reduction, spot treatment application, etc.).
  • Treat exterior perimeter foundation using residual insecticides.
  • Apply treatment to eaves, soffit vents, around windows and doors, and other entry points.
  • Conduct exterior de-webbing.

Whatever pest problem you’re dealing with, the best thing you can do for you and your loved ones is call in a team of pest professionals. Wells Pest Control is your local source for reliable residential pest control solutions, so get in touch with us today and we’ll get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Oxford, MI

No matter what kind of business you run, pest infestation can put your entire operation in jeopardy. The best way to guard your business, giving it the best chance at success, is to get comprehensive commercial pest control services. Wells Pest Control has your back. We’ve serviced over 50 local businesses with complete pest protection, including properties such as restaurants, bars, office buildings, warehouses, condo associations, factories, schools, and daycares.

Starting with a thorough inspection, we do a walkthrough of your facility and consult with you on the problems you’ve been experiencing, then we do a full visual inspection of problem areas, conducive conditions, and entry points. We offer customized treatment ranging from rodent bait stations and insect monitors to spot treatments and exclusion works. We’re here for you, so contact us to get year-round pest control for your Oxford business.

Oxford's Guide To Safe & Effective Bat Control 

When bats get into your home or business, they tend to multiple rapidly and spread their populations very quickly. That means the situation can turn into a full-blown infestation in no time. There are a number of dangers that come with bat infestation, such as getting bitten and contracting a disease.

If you want to be proactive in your efforts to control bat activity around your property, here are some tips:

  • Cover up outside entry points.
  • Don’t leave your windows or doors open overnight.
  • Install/repair protective screens in windows and doors.
  • Use vents to cover openings like dryer vents and chimneys.

At the end of the day, the most effective way to guard your property from bat infestation is to call on the pest professionals at Wells Pest Control. We provide complete bat control services that give you ongoing protection for your Oxford property. Reach out to us today and we’ll schedule your free inspection as soon as possible.

Which Stinging Insects Are Most Harmful In Oxford, MI?

Stinging insects are common pests that can cause great discomfort when they sting. There are a broad range of stinging insect species here in Oxford, some of the most common ones being yellow jackets, paper wasps, bald-faced hornets, mud daubers, cicada killers, and carpenter bees.

Depending on the individual, reaction to particular stings can be severe. Firstly, there’s the pain to consider, which can cause varying levels of discomfort. The site of the bite itself can become infected, or in those with serious allergies, lead to anaphylactic shock.

The best way to guard your property from stinging insects is to get regular treatments from the pest professionals. The experts at Wells Pest Control will keep your property free of stinging insects and the dangers that come with them. We use protective applications and perimeter sprays to guard the premises and deter stinging insects from infesting your home or business. Contact us to discuss your stinging insect control needs.


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