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Michigan’s Richmond City is unlike any other place in the state. Just outside the metro city of Detroit, Richmond is a 6,000 member commuter city bordering the edge of St. Clair County. Perhaps Richmond’s most extraordinary claim to fame is its strong preference for culture and the arts, supporting two separate community buildings and theaters. If you’re planning on stopping by the city any time soon, consider taking a stroll along the Macomb Orchard Trail or visiting during the annual Richmond Good Old Days Festival.

There’s a lot to love in Richmond, MI, from lush greenery to fun cultural events. However, home and business owners in the area are too aware of a complicating factor: pest activity. Rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and termites are prevalent pests in Richmond. Without proper control, they quickly spiral into chronic infestations that last for months at a time. All Richmond property owners need to rely on a professional pest control in St. Clair County to help protect their homes, businesses, and personal property.

Wells Pest Control is no exception, striving for excellence in residential and commercial pest control throughout Richmond, MI. After 18 years of experience in the pest management industry, we have helped thousands of home and business owners develop a pest-free environment within a few simple visits. Learn more about our services and the work we do by reaching out to Wells Pest Control right now. 

Home Pest Control In Richmond, MI

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Why provide your home with second-best when the ultimate in pest control is right around the corner? The team behind Wells Pest Control has been assisting Richmond residential property owners with almost two decades’ worth of experience. Whether you need ongoing prevention or rapid infestation extermination, we have what it takes to make it right.

Here are just a few of the household areas we treat for homeowners all over Richmond:

  • Soil, mulching, and landscaping
  • Entry points like windows and doors
  • Rooftops and roof lines (eaves, soffits, vents, etc.)
  • Back decks and front patios
  • Garages and basements
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms 

Book a free inspection for your residential pest control service by submitting an online contact form. Someone will reach back out to you within a few business days. 

Commercial Pest Control In Richmond, MI 

You’ve sunk hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into running your very own business. When pest attacks come calling, everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve could be lost in the ensuing chaos.

Don’t risk your business to infestations and their nasty after-effects. Instead, trust your growing business to the professional care of Wells Pest Control. Book an initial consultation with one of our commercial pest control pros, or submit an online contact form to get in touch with Richmond, MI providers. We can’t wait to be the solution for you, your customers, and your business’s future. 

How To Protect Your Richmond Home From Bed Bugs  

Even if you have never seen them before, bed bugs are a genuine threat in the Richmond, MI, area. These ¼ inch insects are nocturnal by nature and only appear at night. What’s more, they prefer to sneak around homes and businesses in places you’d least expect, from electrical outlets and secondhand appliances to couches and bookshelves.

Before bed bugs ever get inside your Richmond home, use these prevention steps to increase protection against incoming infestations:

  • After returning from a trip, wash all clothing on the highest possible heat setting (including outfits you did not wear).
  • Check all overnight lodgings for signs of bed bug activity (feed spots, exoskeletons, sweet scents) and leave immediately if any are found.
  • Be cautious about purchasing second-hand furniture or appliances, particularly from locations or with unfamiliar people. 

If you suspect that bed bugs have already infested your Richmond home, you will need to secure professional bed bug control from Wells Pest Control. Send us a message today to inquire about a customized quote. 

Five Ways To Spot Rodent Damage To Your Richmond Home 

Of all the rodent species common to the Richmond area, rats and mice are arguably the worst. By destroying furniture, contaminating food items, and spreading serious diseases, these animals have the potential to place your entire family in danger. 

Below are five of the best ways to spot rodent damages before populations grow into a full-blown infestation:

  1. Gnaw marks around buildings and baseboards
  2. Droppings in small piles or ‘hotspots’ around the house
  3. Nesting sites surrounded by shredded paper, insulation, or food items
  4. Garbage bags or cans with holes chewed into the sides
  5. Spotting dead rats or mice anywhere in the home. 

Reduce your risk for disease and further infestation by calling the professionals at Wells Pest Control. Someone will be standing by to receive your call during business hours and get you started on our effective rodent control services.


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