Squirrel Control In Lake Orion, MI

Are Squirrels Driving You Nuts In Your Lake Orion Home?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Michigan is home to nine different species of squirrels, including two types of flying squirrels. While they may look endearing and can be enjoyable to watch from a distance, they also pose significant risks to your home and property.

The Problem With Squirrels

a pesky squirrel up close

Squirrels in Michigan are ordinarily not a problem, as long as they stay away from your property. When they start moving in on your territory, they can quickly become a major nuisance.

There are several ways squirrels threaten your property:

  • Squirrels can cause significant damage to electrical and telephone cables. They will destroy bird feeders and tear through the garbage in pursuit of a delicious morsel. They may also chew holes in the siding of your home trying to gain entry.
  • Once they’ve gnawed their way through or otherwise gained entry, they will continue their destruction inside. They can cause extensive damage to electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems. They are also known to destroy insulation, especially in the attic, that they rip down to nest in.
  • Like most critters that are meant to live outside, squirrels are host to other pests you would rather keep away from your property. They are often infested with fleas and ticks. While they look very endearing, squirrels will bite if they are disturbed. It’s best to leave them alone and seek medical attention if you find yourself the victim of an agitated squirrel.

Our Squirrel Control Process

With more than 15 years of experience, we know a thing or two about squirrel control. We have developed a great knowledge of the pests we manage, and this has allowed us to provide specialized treatments on a case-by-case basis.

Our treatment plan includes three fundamental steps:


To start with, a thorough inspection is conducted to locate potential entry points and determine the best treatment plan for your property.


Once we have completed the inspection, we will customize a home pest control plan for you. These treatments may include installing one-way doors, sealing potential entry points, and strategically placing live traps near those entry points.


After treating the area, we will continue to follow up every 24 hours to monitor animal activity. Once the activity has stopped, we will remove one-way doors and seal the hole as well as remove any live traps set around the property. We also include a one-year warranty that can be renewed as needed.

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