Stinging Insect Control In Lake Orion, MI

Are Stinging Insects Swarming Your Lake Orion, MI, Home?

Stinging insects in Michigan can be a real buzzkill when you're trying to enjoy the outdoors. Their stings aren’t just painful, but can actually be fatal for some people. With our effective stinging insect treatments, we can safely eliminate the problem and keep you protected in the future.

The Dangers Of Stinging Insects

a bald faced hornet chewing on wood

While most stinging insects are extremely beneficial to the environment, they also pose significant dangers to people and pets. Approximately 7.5% of the population is severely allergic to insect stings. Those stinging insects in Lake Orion, MI include:

  • Yellowjackets
  • Paper wasps
  • Bald-faced hornets
  • Mud daubers
  • Cicada killers
  • Carpenter bees

Carpenter bees, in particular, are a major threat to your home. These pests will burrow into wood structures and severely damage the integrity of those structures. If you notice carpenter bees near your home, it is important to seek help ASAP!

Our Stinging Insect Control Process

With over 15 years of experience in the pest control business, we have developed an effective treatment plan to keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe.


First, we inspect the property to locate any nests and potential entry points.


If possible, we will safely remove any existing nests and treat the area with a residual insecticide. We will also treat entry points with the residual insecticide and any stinging insects that come in contact will carry the insecticide back to the nest, eliminating the colony.


We include a 60-day warranty with this service. If you notice any stinging insect activity, don’t hesitate to call! We will come back out to re-treat the problem.

Complete Relief From Stinging Insects In Lake Orion, MI

Our efficient methods are the best way to make sure your property is pest-free. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection for home pest control in Lake Orion, MI. What do you have to lose, except a whole lot of irritating pests?

As a locally-owned and -operated business, we have made it our business to help our neighbors. We have developed great relationships with clients over the past 15 years. We are looking forward to providing you with quality service!

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