All The Ways Mice Get Into Lake Orion Homes


All The Ways Mice Get Into Lake Orion Homes


Mice in Lake Orion are unpleasant little rodents, scurrying around homes all over the world. They chew, destroy, and stink up your house, and they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Keeping them out of your home is made much easier by knowing how and why they are able to get in. There are many ways mice gain access, and several of them are frequently overlooked. It is possible there are a few that you haven’t learned of yet.

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Are Mice Dangerous?

House mice in Michigan are very common. They are small round animals with a dusty gray-colored coat and cream-colored bellies. They have a pointed snout, rounded ears, long tail, and are 2 ½ -3 ¾ inches total in length. Female house mice can give birth to six babies every three weeks, giving birth to up to 35 mouse babies per year. That’s why they say that where there is one mouse, there are more.

Mice pose a significant risk to people, pets, and homes. Their tapered nose and compact size allow them to slip in through the smallest cracks, and once inside, they wreak havoc on the home. Some of those dangers include the following:


Mice are rodents, which means they chew. They chew through walls, insulation, boxes, clothing, and wiring. It’s speculated that mouse damage to electrical systems is responsible for 20-25% of house fires with unknown causes.


Mice are not wary when it comes to bathroom habits. They leave puddles of urine and trails of feces everywhere they go. This produces an unpleasant odor throughout infested areas. Dead mice stink horribly and are often trapped in inaccessible areas of the home.

Health Risks

Mice are known carriers of over 35 transmissible diseases including salmonellosis, hantavirus, and rat bite fever. These are spread across counters and whatever surfaces they scurry along. Their urine and feces can also cause allergies and asthma in children. Furthermore, mice are typically infested with their own host of pests including fleas, mites, and ticks.

Mouse infestations are bad news for homeowners. They are destructive, stinky, and hazardous to your health even after they're dead. The safest way to handle a mouse problem is by seeking professional Lake Orion pest control.

How Do The Mice Get In?

Mice find their way into homes seeking shelter, food, and water. They have remarkably strong teeth and jaws and can chew through almost everything. Some materials they aren’t capable of chewing through include rocks, steel, glass, and concrete. Their modest size and shape allow them to enter homes through incredibly small gaps or holes. Entry points are routinely found around the foundation, doors, windows, roofs, vents, and holes surrounding various utility lines.

How To Keep Mice Out

Keeping mice out of your Lake Orion home is important in maintaining a safe and healthy home. While it seems like mice can get through almost anything, there are some preventive measures you can take to make your home less appealing:

  • Seal entry points: Check areas where entry points are typically found. Fill small holes with steel wool and seal with caulk. Concrete or mixing compound can also be used. Avoid materials that mice can chew through like wood.
  • Eliminate food sources: Keep all food sealed in airtight containers. It’s recommended that food and drink are cleaned up properly and dirty dishes are not left in the sink. Clean up spills and crumbs on counters and floors and keep garbage contained properly.
  • Maintain your home's exterior: Mice make their way in from outside so keeping mice off of your property is a great way to keep them out of your home. Use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids to prevent mice and other critters from scattering trash. Maintain and place brush and wood piles away from your home, as mice like to nest in them. Keeping grass, shrubs, and gardens free from overgrowth also helps to make your property less appealing to rodents.

Preventing a mouse problem is much easier than getting rid of one. Because mice breed so quickly, a small problem swiftly becomes a much larger issue. If you think you might have a mouse problem, we can help you to clear them out.

How To Treat A Mouse Infestation

The unfortunate reality is that setting mouse traps alone is not an effective or safe way to eliminate an infestation. Understanding mouse behavior is the key to the effective removal of them from your Lake Orion, MI property. If you suspect or have identified rodent activity in your home, the best way to remedy the problem is to contact the professionals at Wells Pest Control.

We have made it our business at Wells Pest Control to be knowledgeable about rodents and other local pests, and we are ready to help! With more than 15 years of experience, we make it our priority to help keep our friends and neighbors happy, healthy, and pest-free. For more information about our rodent control services in Michigan, or to schedule your free inspection, contact us at Wells Pest Control today!

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