How To Keep Paper Wasps Away From Your Lake Orion Property


How To Keep Paper Wasps Away From Your Lake Orion Property


Believe it or not, many wasp species are solitary hunters that live and breed on their own. While these solo predators can certainly shack up on your property, they aren’t nearly as frustrating to deal with as a nest of paper wasps. Paper wasps are semi-social insects that live in small hives with other members. And while their strange nests can be fascinating to look at, you don’t want to find one hanging from your front porch. So, it’s important to know how to keep paper wasps away from your property with effective pest control in Lake Orion. 

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What Are Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps are not one single species of wasp, but several species that exhibit similar behaviors; namely, they construct bizarre umbrella-shaped nests composed of paper-like material. These papery nests are a paper wasp’s calling card. The nests are often found hanging from branches, eaves, doorframes, wooden beams, ceilings, and other elevated locations. Paper wasp nests are built uncovered with an exposed comb structure and aren’t fully enclosed like a bee’s nest.

Visually, most species of paper wasps resemble yellowjackets and other common vespid wasps in terms of shape and size. Paper wasps may be thinner around the waist and tend to be brown and yellow in color with distinct patterns unique to a particular species. 

What To Know About Paper Wasps

Like spiders, paper wasps can help to control the population of other pest insects on your property. They are natural hunters that seek out prey to feed their young. However, paper wasps will also go after sweets. Their love of sugary nectar makes them helpful pollinators for local plants but also makes them a nuisance to people. 

Paper wasps are capable of delivering a painful sting when provoked, although they aren’t especially aggressive unless attacked. But the threat of a sting can make spending time outdoors stressful and an active wasp nest on your porch can make enjoying your time outside nearly impossible.

Since they build uncovered nests, paper wasp queens often look for shelter during colder months and may find their way indoors. A paper wasp nest outside is one thing, but you really don’t want a wasp nest anywhere inside your home. 

How To Prevent Paper Wasps

The good news is that you can prevent paper wasps from building a nest on your Lake Orion property by following some easy tips.

  • Seal cracks and crevices: Inspect the exterior of your property for cracks or damage around doorways and windows as well as damage to wooden siding. Fill in any cracks with silicone caulk to prevent wasps from nesting.

  • Try some yard work: By regularly mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, and pulling weeds, you give pest insects fewer places to hide on your property. The fewer pest insects you have, the less likely wasps are to hunt in your yard.

  • Use natural repellent: If you’ve got a green thumb, try planting herbs like basil, thyme, and citronella. Wasps can’t stand these plants. Try to avoid planting lots of sweet-smelling flowers and fruit-bearing trees on your property.

  • Dispose of trash properly: Make sure your trash is disposed of in a bin with a tight-sealing lid. Keep trash covered at all times to prevent wasps from feeding on discarded meat and sweets. 

If you’ve spotted an active paper wasp nest on your Lake Orion property, save yourself the stings and don’t try to take it down yourself. Call the experts at Wells Pest Control instead. Our trained technicians will safely remove your wasps or other Lake Orion stinging insects so you can get back to enjoying your time outdoors. Get in touch with us today to get started on our effective stinging insect control in Lake Orion.

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