What To Do About Paper Wasps Around Your Orion Property


What To Do About Paper Wasps Around Your Orion Property


Paper wasps in Lake Orion, MI are a growing problem. Besides building unsightly nests, wasps can sting and cause allergic reactions in some people. The consequences are worse for seniors and infants who cannot outrun wasps and may have compromised immune systems. As such, you need to eliminate this nuisance from your home before the problem escalates.

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The Difference Between Paper Wasps & Bees

Although both can sting and contribute to pollination, bees and wasps are not the same. The first distinction is appearance. While wasps are slim and shiny, bees feature full bodies with hairs to collect and distribute pollen.

Likewise, wasps have round waxy legs compared to bees’ flat ones. When it comes to diet, paper wasps consume nectar and sugary solutions from ripe fruits. They can also be predators that chew insects before feeding them to young wasps. On the other hand, bees only consume pollen and nectar.

Another difference is their nesting habits. While bees build homes from wax, a typical paper wasp nest in Orion is made from mud and chewed wood. Furthermore, healthy bee colonies live in their homes for years, unlike wasps that rarely reuse old nests.

To differentiate between bees and wasps, you can also look closely at their stingers. Though some species can sting several times,  honey bees self-amputate after attacking their victim and die shortly after. Conversely, many types of wasps can extract their stingers and use them again. 

Note that bees only sting in self-defense. However, wasps are more hostile and can even strike when you brush them away.

Why Paper Wasps Build Nests Around Your Home

Paper wasps in Michigan invade your home for several reasons. The first one is shelter. These terrorists nest in hidden spots such as overhangs, insulated walls, and eaves. 

Wasps are also attracted to weathered wood that acts as a raw material for nest construction. Queens chew wood threads to mix them with saliva and spit out pulp for nest construction.

However, wasp structures around your home don’t always indicate pest presence. Wasps may have lived there a long time ago and abandoned their nests. Moreover, paper wasps in your yard could hunt insects or look for leftover meat in the garbage bin or outdoor grill. 

Sweet foods are also appealing. It’s not uncommon for wasps to dive into your soda or juice container. Lawn flowers also invite wasps with their nectar and fragrance. 

The Best Way To Remove Paper Wasps

Some homeowners think professional pest control is costlier than DIY methods. Even so, you may waste money on ineffective products or miss pest hiding spots when you kill wasps on your own. Professional exterminators know where to look and the exact pesticide measurements to expel wasps for good.

Experts also have the latest technologies to complete the job faster. Similarly, professional exterminators protect your health by using safe pest control products. Paper wasps might even attack and cause injuries when you spray insecticides by yourself.

Additionally, exterminators tailor their methods to your pest problem. Experts start by inspecting your house to know the extent of the infestation before treatment begins. They also advise you on how to avoid another wasp invasion. For more information, contact your local experts at Wells Pest Control. 

Wasps Prevention Tips

Here’s how to keep paper wasps away.

  • Seal human and pet food containers
  • Trim bushes around the house
  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Fix or replace broken screens
  • Clean dirty dishes
  • Harvest ripe fruits and veggies from outdoor gardens

The best way to get rid of wasps in Lake Orion is to involve a home pest control professional. Our team at Wells Pest Control specializes in wasp removal. We will safely eliminate stinging insects and their nests from your property and implement prevention measures to keep them away in the future.

We are a locally owned and operated company providing customized solutions for Orion residents for over 15 years. To learn more about our stinging insect control options, reach out to us today!

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