Overwintering Pests

What are overwintering pests?

Overwintering pests are — just as their name states — pests that find their way into man-made structures like our homes to spend the winter in. Our homes provide them with a dark, quiet place to hide and a temperature-controlled space that keeps them warm throughout the cold winter months.

a stink bug on a window screen

Examples of pests that overwinter in Michigan homes include the following:

  • Stink bugs
  • Box elder bugs
  • Asian lady beetles

Are overwintering pests dangerous?

No, overwintering pests are not pests that we need to worry about affecting our health or our home’s structural integrity. However, just because they aren’t dangerous doesn't mean we want them inside our homes.

Having insects living inside causes multiple problems, including attracting other pests to your home, like spiders, that want to hunt and feed on them. Having overwintering pests in your home also means that there are openings in your home that can not only let pests in but also rainwater, causing moisture issues that will attract more destructive pests like carpenter ants and termites.

Why do I have an overwintering pest problem?

Stink bugs, box elder bugs, and Asian lady beetles are attracted to the warm, sunny sides of buildings in the late fall when the temperatures cool off. As they move up the exterior walls, they make their way inside through spaces they discover around windows, rooflines, vents, and any other opening they discover.

Where will I find overwintering pests?

During the spring, summer, and most of the fall, overwintering pests are found outside in our yards, feeding and breeding on trees, in gardens, or in flower beds. Having these pests in our yards usually isn’t too problematic except for the fact that it puts them close to our homes.

Once these pests find their way inside, they move to dark, warm, quiet areas. Attics, roof eaves, wall voids, and crawl spaces make perfect habitats for overwintering pests. When spring rolls back around, they move back outdoors. Sometimes during a particularly warm, sunny stretch of weather, overwintering insects will emerge from their hideouts and you may see them on your walls or gathering around windows.

How do I get rid of overwintering pests?

Let Wells Pest Control help you protect your Michigan property from overwintering pests. With more than 18 years of pest control experience, you can put your trust into our knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. We take pride in building close relationships with our customers and working together to ensure that your property’s unique pest control needs are met.

When it comes to overwintering pests, it is important to be proactive and stop these pests before they have the chance to move into your home! To learn more about our effective home pest control services and our solutions to your overwintering pest problems, reach out to Wells Pest Control today!

How can I prevent overwintering pests in the future?

These preventive tips can help keep overwintering pests out of your home:

  • Place weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior walls and the roofline, sealing any openings you discover.
  • Make sure screens in windows and doors are intact.
  • Place caps on chimneys and seal gaps at roof intersections.
  • Create a barrier between any mulch or soil and your home’s foundation.
  • Cut shrubbery and tree branches back away from your home’s exterior.

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